Spotlight on vuex-reset

Vuex makes it easy to manage the app-wide state for a Vue.js application, but there is no built-in way to easily reset that state to it’s initial value. That’s where vuex-reset comes in. It’s a small Vuex plugin that will allow you to reset a store and/or store module(s) to it’s initial state by calling a special reset mutation.

At binx health we're always trying to think of ways we can prevent leaking user information. We use vuex-reset to clear user information after it’s not needed anymore, like when a customer has finished placing an order or has logged out. Although that data is not accessible outside of our application, clearing that data provides a secondary safeguard around leaking that information in ways we did not intend.

Security isn’t the only use-case, though. The utility is generally useful whenever you need to reset state without having to write more code to do so. Let's look at an example in which a form has it's fields bound to a Vuex module's state:

import Vuex from 'vuex'
import VuexReset from '@ianwalter/vuex-reset'

// Create a Vuex store.
export default new Vuex.Store({
  // Add the vuex-reset plugin to the store.
  plugins: [VuexReset()],
  modules: {
    // The colorScheme module has initial values that we may want to
    // reset to at some point.
    colorScheme: {
      namespaced: true,
      state: {
        name: 'Default',
        colors: [
      mutations: {
        // We need to add a dummy reset mutation so we can trigger
        // the reset when desired.
        reset: () => {},
        // Here is an example mutation that can be used to update the
        // colorScheme values.
        save: (state, colorScheme) => Object.assign(state, colorScheme)
export default {
  data () {
    // Copy the color scheme stored in the Vuex module to the
    // component's data so it can be used as the default value
    // in the imaginary New Color Scheme form.
    return { colorScheme: this.$store.state.colorScheme }
    methods: {
    save () {
      // Save the new color scheme values from the imaginary New
      // Color Scheme form to the store.
      this.$store.commit('colorScheme/save', this.colorScheme)
    reset () {
      // Reset the color scheme to the initial 'Default' color scheme.

When a user first navigates to the imaginary New Color Scheme form in the NewColorScheme.vue component the default values will be the initial values in the Vuex colorScheme module. They can then modify the name and colors of the color scheme and click a save button which would save those updated values to the store. If they ever wanted to reset those values to the Default color scheme, they could hit a reset button which would call the colorScheme reset mutation and vuex-reset would restore the initial color scheme. Check out a demo (of a different example) here:

I hope this article was helpful in explaining what vuex-reset is and why you would want to use it. If you find this utility useful, please star it on GitHub and consider sponsoring me!

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